Hotel Roubenka

Hotel consist of three stand-alone buildings - wooden houses. One of them is the main one with reception desk. This house was reconstructed under strict control of relic office and is joined to interesting history.
Because interest of our guests was over expectancy we have built two wooden more only with rooms.
In the biggest one is situated stylish restaurant where you can relish meat specialities cooked and grilled in contact grill and spiced with unique sauces as well as traditional local dish. Daily is cooked so-caled " Daily menu". Of course we offer many of vegetarian dishes and fish specialities.
Wine list is comprehensive too : offers product from all wine-cellar in Czech Republic as well as from many foreign countries.We draw three sorts of Czech beer.
Part of reastaurant is a lounge (state room) with capacity 16 person which is ideal for holding of private jubilee, company training, small wedding receptions etc.
Front of restaurant is situated small garden with wooden sitting and umbrellas. For bigger groups is possible to arrange a grill on quit space in hotel area with beatiful view of Stramberska Truba and surroundings.
Hotel can showw off one of the most beatiful view of the view-point of Stramberk - Stramberska Truba and in this charming atmosphere is possible to arrange a open-air wedding ceremony.



Hotel Roubenka will be closed from 21.07.2018 till 31.07.2018.  více informací

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Contact data


Dolní 327

742 66 Štramberk

Czech Republic

Tel., fax: 00420 733 400 300



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