Hotel Roubenka will be closed from 21.07.2018 till 31.07.2018.  více informací


Hotel Roubenka will be closed from 21.07.2018 till 31.07.2018.  více informací

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Wedding in Beskydy, Štramberk

  • We have rich experience in organizing wedding receptions. The restaurant seats up to 22 people, lounge seats 15 people.
  • When implementing a wedding ceremony at the Roubenka is necessary reserved a wedding date  at our facility and at the Municipal Office in Štramberk.
  • We provide preparation of boards, floral arrangements, wedding candles, storage, cakes, cookies and sweets in refrigerator the day before. On special request we can arrange a special decoration  of your dreams - unusual table mats etc. For the preparation of  sheets we charge 60, - CZK per person.
  • We rent a chocolate fountain for 500, - CZK + chocolate fountain to 1 kg per 400, - CZK.
  • For a better idea, we dare you to prepare proposals seating arrangements for 17 to 22 people. See images below.
  • Given that the wedding ceremonies and receptions provide a complete service, we do not allow wedding guests their own delivery and consumption of alcohol.
  • Our hotel long and successfully collaborates with photographer Mrs. Kroupovou, tel .: 733161345 florist and Ms. Novakova, tel .: 603361361. In case of your interest you can contact them.
  • This special day can terminate an unforgettable wedding night in one of our comfortable rooms. Inspire with the gallery.
  • Due to many years of experience in organizing weddings in our hotel is the estimated amount of expenditure for 1 person 800, - 1000, - CZK (amount is approximate and depends on the selected dishes and drinks).
  • Because of the need to respect the night peace it is necessary to end the outdoor music up to 10 p.m.. We also ask for respect for the gradual end of celebrations to midnight. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Our hotel is a wooden log house, for this reason is not permitted on the premises and nearby Roubenka use fireworks and lanterns of happiness, thank you for your understanding.
  • If ordering only one meal (lunch) and end wedding max. up to 6 p.m., we do not charge a fee for renting the room.
  • If you use our facilities until closing time and removes only one meal (lunch or dinner), we are forced to charge a fee for hiring a room CZK 3000, - CZK (in the case of restaurants  6,000 CZK).

Proposals for wedding table / seating arrangements recommended:

  • wedding table sits in the middle of bride and groom
  • bride sits beside the bridegroom's father, then his mother 
  • groom sits next to the bride's mother, then her father
  • witnesses might sit next to the groom's mother
  • In addition to newlyweds´s parents should sit other close family members, such as grandparents or siblings.
Further information about traffic restrictions or closure of the hotel, you can watch the Calendar.


Samples festive tables.

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